Firming Glutes with Moderate Weights

STRAIGHT LEG GLUTE EXTENSIONS on a flat bench using ankle weights 3×12-15 each leg.  Minimal rest.

STRAIGHT LEG GLUTE EXTENSIONS on a bench with your leg out at a 45 degree angle 3×12-15 each leg.  Minimal rest.

SINGLE LEG DEADLIFTS holding dumbbells or a plate 3×12-15 each leg SUPERSET with HIP ABDUCTION MACHINE 3×10 each on three different positions.  First positon lay back flat against the backrest and do 10 reps, second position sit straight up without using the backrest and do 10 reps and third position lean as far forward aas you can and do 10 reps.  Minimal rest.

WORKOUT TIPS:  Make a muscle mind connection with each exercise.  Do this by squeezing the glute with each rep.  Each of these exercises need to be slow and controlled but keep your rests minimal.  It’s crucial that you don’t rest too long or you’ll lose the effectiveness of the exercise.

~ Amy Cobia is a wife, mother and dedicated fitness enthusiast!  You can follow Amy on Instagram at amycobia_becomingathletic and Myfitnesspal at amymcobia!